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When learning JavaScript you might have come across the this keyword, you might have thought it wasn’t that important to know, but understanding how the this keyword works will definitely make you a better JavaScript developer. So let's get started! 🚀

So let's start by explaining what the this keyword means in JavaScript. The this keyword refers to the object it belongs to, with the this keyword we can get access to properties and methods from the object it belongs to. Here’s an example:

Hey! 👋 My name is Nicholas and I’m a self-taught developer, this is my first blog post on Medium, I’m going to be giving 3 reasons why you should definitely consider learning JavaScript, so lets this party started. 😎

For those who don’t know what JavaScript is, JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language designed to create interactive behavior within web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc… JavaScript is also high-level so you don’t have to understand what happens under the hood.

  1. It’s everywhere 😲
    JavaScript is everywhere, literally. This website uses JavaScript, the site you were on previously uses…


JavaScript Enthusiast | Backend Developer (TypeScript & Go)

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